Century Village


We had a wonderful day at Century Village Museum in Geauga County! When we first arrived, the boom booms were going off, and Grant had his melt-down. So, we walked the long way around the museum, where the guns weren’t going off, and he was calmer by the time we arrived at the entrance.

After snack time and chatting with some friend, and he was starting to feel himself. So, we started walking around the village. This time, I could actually go into all the buildings (that were open anyway) and tour. Naturally, the dressmakers shop was the most interesting to me. There was a lady with a wonderful set up there, she even had period sewing machines! Sewing machines were sold for $40.00 with a treadle, and the hand wheel for portable machines was an extra $5.00 in the 1860s. Many middle class families had machines, but it was an investment, as the average man only made $10 a week.

She took out civil war dolls for the kids, and discussed how little girls would start sewing for their dolls, and how common patterns were for doll clothing. This was how parents encourage their daughters to sew, as sewing was such an important life skill. Apparently, you could buy any undergarment you wanted ready made, but there was no measuring system at the time for actual dresses. So ladies had to sew them themselves, or go to a dressmaker.

The kids really liked the church! They had to go up and down the steps. There was also a lookout tower, which was a hit. Because once again... steps.

Eve was delighted to meet and take a photograph with President Lincoln! The President recommend candy, so we walked into the General Store, and got some Lollipops! The kids were very disappointed to leave, and didn’t want to get back into their normal clothing. Eve is a big fan of her pelerine, and wanted to wear it all day long.