Century Village Museum 2023


This was our third time attending the Century Village event, in Geauga County. It is such a pleasant museum, and even better as you get to know more of the people. This time, we didn't walk around much, and check out the buildings. We were much more social, and went around visiting. We went the night before to help our friend Kate set up camp, and we put our basket and blanket near her tent (right in the shade of a big tree). I took the children's toys, but we didn't really have the people to make the buzz-saws like normal. There wasn't a crowd for it. Sadly, there were not many spectators.

Kate and a few of the other ladies had a letter writing stand. They even cut out and wax stamped the envelopes. I sat near by, and sewed on a few buttons while the kids snacked. Kate brought peanuts, and the kids spent hours opening and eating them. Evelyn eventually learned to roll her peanut on a chair, to get the goodies inside. We also spent a lot of time visiting the Middletons, who had snacks and fresh lemonade for the kiddos.

All three of us went on the first day. I wanted to attend my first 1860's church service, so Eve and I went without Grant on Sunday. Because keeping him quiet and still for 45 minutes would be interesting! We sat next to Mary Lincoln in Church, and Eve kept herself occupied with snacks.

Eve took a basket of her chicken eggs to sell, and Kate was her spokesperson. One egg for a penny! Turns out, I guess no one really has pennies? My child doesn't know how to count our change? Or maybe it was because she is a cute four-year-old? She made $8.00 selling about a dozen eggs, and purchased a unicorn painted-by-number with her profits. lol She can't wait to sell eggs at the next event.

On the second day, Eve worked up the confidence to play with the other children. She played Graces to Graces with one of the other girls, and then wanted to hold her hand and walk around with her for the rest of the day. She didn't give me much of a look, as she took off with the other kids to play.

Naturally, I did some sewing for the event. I made Eve a sheer cotton dress, and myself a silk plaid last week. Both projects went faster and easier than I anticipated. I am getting the fit down. No wonky or too big of a neckline on my newest dress (I always mess that up) but I need slightly bigger armeyes.