Lima New York 2023

8/14/20231 min read

We took the kiddos on their very first living history event where we camped in tents. Our friend Kate invited us, and kindly lent us a tent to stay in. The kids really enjoyed having a home base at an event, and all the snuggles with Kate and Orv. It was a bit of a drive from home, but we arrived and managed to set up mostly before darkness settled in.

The first night was a bit chilly, so Grant ended up in my sleeping bag. The next morning, I got to wear my cotton wrapper for the first time. I really enjoyed having it! It was very comfortable in the morning, and nice to have one garment to collect all the morning dew. I also wore my Norwegian Morning bonnet... pattern write up in the works :)

The kids played around the camp. Eve's favorite games thus far are Graces to Graces and Pick Up Sticks. She also spent a lot of time playing with her dolls, which surprised me as she normally ignores dolls.

Grant hid in the tent during the battle, and was so exhausted he took naps! But, the kids enjoyed all the good company and the playground that was conveniently right next to our campsite.