Lyme Village


Yesterday, we went to Lyme Village. It was a little under two hrs away, and the kids happily listened to music, ate snacks and chatted on the way there. They were very excited to get out of the house and go to an event. We never attended Lyme, and were told about the event by a fellow living historian a few weeks back. It is a very nice village museum, that is not state funded.

It was a smaller event, and you could really take your time walking about and chatting. The fellow historians, site volunteers, and the site itself was a real pleasure. We definitely, will be returning! It was the first event, where we wore our matching semi sheer dresses.. We laid out a picnic basket and our blanket under a tree, and left it there for our visit. It was nice to be so relaxed, that we could just leave our stuff and go along our way. Every few houses, we returned to eat more snacks. I’m pretty sure the kids had lunch five times that day, and I only got a few photos of Grant where he wasn’t stuffing his face. Here he is inspecting his grape.

he village has three cabins with various displays, including weavers and spinners, as well as basic house life. A blacksmith shop, grocery, wood shop, military museum, a hard ware store with vintage machinery and an amazing tractor collection that fascinated Grant. They had a post office, church, school house, another larger house, a mansion, and a chicken coop with a few birds.

The kids enjoyed making friends. One of the volunteers did a wonderful job giving a tour that aimed towards the kids, and the children where smitten with her. She was showing the kids washing supplies, and let them sniff old soap, and asked them if they would like to make soap. That was when, Eve reached into her little basket and showed her the sparkle glitter soap she made. (She made simple melt, color, and mold soaps on her birthday, and has been taking them out with her and gifting them). Eve was very happy to gift her soap to her new friend.

The mansion was of course very large! The kids enjoyed checking out all the rooms. I was amazed and relieved that Grant wasn’t a Bull running through three dinning rooms of vintage China. They had many beautiful things on display. I wish you could have seen the needlework! The needle worked chair cushions were lovely!

As always, we had to make a stop to the gift shop. With these sites not getting state funding, I like to buy a candy and toy for the kids. The look forward to it! We got a wooden flute, a buzzing wooden string toy, and our traditional lollipops. Both kids had their eyes set on giant rainbow lollies. Eve feel asleep on the car ride, but Grant was awake the whole time happily licking and waving his lollipop.