Maple Syrup Festival


After a three-year break, Brady's run held their maple syrup festival! I contacted my friend Sarah, to see if her family was attending! Sarah is the museum curator at Old Ecomeny Village. I started volunteering in the sewing room in high-school, and it was Sarah who introduced me to historical sewing and living histories. The maple syrup festival was the very first event I attended.

My, things have changed since. Sarah's kids were just little babies then, and now I have kiddos of my own. We had a great time catching up, walking around the stalls (the kids talked me into a wooden train and chocolate fudge). Sadly, the event didn't draw a large audience, but the crowd of historians that attended was the largest I've seen at the event! They had a very nice set up, and thankfully everything still looked dry, even though the rain had dumped on them in the morning.

I used the wooden wagon again, as I had quite a distance from the parking area to the site. The kids enjoyed the ride, and I didn't have to listen to them talk about how their legs were tired, all day long. hehehe I brought our haul of period games for children to play, and buz-saw kits, but we didn't really have spectators. But, we played the games ourselves.

I made a wool dress for the event. It's always rainy and muddy at the Maple Syrup festival, and I didn't want to take my nice wool dress. So, the week before, I whipped up a simple brown wool dress that would hopefully hide some of the mud and keep me dry. I finished adding the hem tape the night before, because isn't that the way it always works?