Streetsboro Bicentennial


Yesterday, the kids and I went to the Streetsboro Bicentennial. Kate told us about the event, last week while we where at Hale Farm. The event was huge, as it was the town's celebration. But, the historical encampment was pretty small. There was some artillery, a small camp with soldiers, and a few ladies with a quilting and wash station display.

The kiddos had a great time! There was people to chat with, a playground across from us, lemonade and other vendor stalls, and a very nice petting zoo. I am excited to say that Grant didn’t cry, during any Boom Booms! He held my hands over his ears instead, and watched. So, maybe we are past the scary boom booms! Maybe?

We brought our kids toy station. I think this is my new growing impression, I love to see the kids light up as they see their first buzz saw, or play graces to graces. This impression certainly keeps us busy, and my kids haven't gotten bored yet.

I also fixed my old summer sheer, and was excited to be able to wear it again! I retrimmed the sleeves, dropped the flounce as it was kind of short, and refitted the bodice. I'm pretty happy with the changes!