U.S Grant Birthplace Bicentennial

4/24/20221 min read

Here is a photo dump from a wonderful afternoon at the bicentennial celebration of the birthplace of Ulysses S. Grant. He was the Commanding General of the Union Army that accepted the surrender of Robert E. Lee, ending the United States Civil War in 1865. And our nations 18th president, who lead post-war reconstruction efforts.

My sister finished her silk day dress. And I got to give my sister Brandy her bonnet. It was my very first time, covering a bonnet form with silk. I also decorated it with flowers, which took forever. I think, I spent more time trying to put flowers on the bonnet, then any other step. She liked the bonnet, so it was worth it!

It was really hot for April! The weather in the Cincinnati area always comes as shock, for this snow belter. I spent a lot of time in the house, because Grant cried every time the cannons boomed. I say cried, but it was really a purely terrified 2-year-old meltdown. Yeah, I hope he outgrows this soon!