Wolf Creek Grist Mill 2023

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8/14/20231 min read

We attended a brand new living history event, at Wolf Creek Grist Mill. This is a very nice, small museum that is open to to the public for free. They didn't have any tour guides, but it was still a very educational experience with a lot to read and see. While, they have had living histories in the past, this was the first year that they added 1860's. The Civil War Herb Lady of Ohio (Valerie Hamill was the coordinator) and she did a wonderful job! She has also announced that next year there will be a Civil War Event at the same location, on July 20-21st. Some of the pictures I have added to the blog are from her facebook page!

This was actually my first timeline event, and I really enjoyed it! We set our picnic blanket next to a gentleman who had an amazing games and activity display. Grant was really shaken up for about the first two hours of the event. A cannon went off, and he didn't take it very well! But, some lunch and his fascination with the Mill helped get him back into good spirits. We eventually got to walk around and chat, but we didn't get to see many of the French and Indian, and Colonist sets ups. Grant was avoiding that side of the park, because that is where the Cannon is. And go figure, as soon as he was confident enough to go check things out, it was time to set it off again! Then, Eve got stung by a bee, so we got some ice cream to help her forget it about.